South Moravian region forms without exaggeration crossroads of Europe. From time immemorial the intersecting routes between East and West, North and South. The region attracts its position, except for historical sites and natural attractions, some of which even included in the UNESCO, attracting visitors to the South Moravian Region warmth and hospitality of its residents, but also pride in the fact that they live in South Moravia. The South Moravia definitely lose, whether you are a believer in tourism hiking or biking. The landmarks Lednice-Valtice lead you marked and maintained hiking trails that connect to the remote route. You will find yourself in a landscape that one sensitive interventions for centuries shaped the beauty and entertainment. You will discover the taste of good wine, colorful folklore, and virgin nature. And here is the picturesque village of Nové Mlýny, where you will find our pension Pálava.